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. the random box .

oh yeah

Look at my face when you say "shut up."
What's up, LiveJournal? I'm Doodle...! I'm a fun person (not kidding) and I like people which means I like you. :) Some facts about me... I speak English AND French (yippee) so if you want to communicate with me or something, we can do it in 2 different ways. Awesome, awesome! I'm NOT looking for any sort of relationships on this site, so don't hit on me.


Hmm... what else... this journal was really started just to talk to people, to talk about dancing, and to get better at my graphics. I only have Photoshop 4.0 (ANGER) and my graphics are pretty limited. So, joining LiveJournal, I just wanna get some tips and to make the most of my crappy photoshop program. And... that's about it. See you around!